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Written by: Vicky McRose

Its Hot and Fiery and its all over South Africa.

This Latin street style dance is a fusion of informal dance styles having roots in Afro-Caribbean, Latin and North America and it is mainly danced to Spanish speaking music. Think of the Mambo, you step to 6 beats of an 8 beat count, this also happens in Salsa, its very up-beat and becomes very energetic. There is no pin-point as to where Salsa originated from bit of Puerto Rican some of Colombian added spice from Mexico, but mostly Cuban as Cuba has been the focal point of Latin Dance and Music for centuries. There is also a strong African influence in the music and the dance.

Salsa has been in South Africa for just over 7 years and is slowly taking over. The Salsa Craze, started in Cape Town and then quickly caught on in Johannesburg and is now spreading over Durban. Its taught out of Dance Studios, Bar, Restaurants and Clubs, making it the most social dance around. No matter where you are in the world, there is always somewhere to go and dance Salsa.

Because Salsa is not as formal & Technical as the Ballroom & Latin style dances, its easier to pick up and progress through the stages. Its also so appealing because you dont need a permanent dance partner, you can dance with anyone and everyone at classes and parties. It also attracts all races, making it a wonderful dance of colour. Dancing Salsa leaves you free to feel the music and lets the music move you, and you slowly ease into your own style. You do need to have (which can always be improved on) timing and musicality, small/neat footwork, dance etiquette and most of all Passion.

Men lead and ladies follow, both very important jobs. Learning to lead must be one of your top priorities when it comes to partnered dancing, like Salsa. The best leaders are those with confidence. Leading with confidence, means you are a passionate Dancer and have put in the time to practice again and again. Good leaders are those that have danced with all the dancers and do not just stick to one partner. It works the same way for followers, you need confidence and practice to become a good follower. You need to clear your mind, take in what is being lead and dance away. Good leader + Good follower equals a Great dance.

All in all Salsa is a very free way of dancing only a few rules to be followed and the beat of the drums in the music is invigorating a passion for life!

For more information contact Vicky McRose HNS Salsa School 072 265 6101



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