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Written by: FAD Creations

Tap Dance makes a distinctive contribution to the education of all students, in that it uses movement, which is the fundamental mode of human expression. It offers a range of learning opportunities and enables participants to enjoy physical expression as well as develop intellectual sensibilities. As they work together in Tap Dance, candidates learn about co-operation and develop an understanding of the shaping of movement into artistic forms of expression.

FADCreationS is amazed by the results of proper Tap Dance training. Here are a few goals every Tap teacher and student should pursue when teaching/learning Tap:

• Teach/learn the correct posture
• build a sound tap technique
• develop an awareness of tone
• promote the understanding and use of dance terminology
• gain a good sense of line through body, arms and head
• understanding of rhythm and its development
• appreciation of varying musical styles and their interpretation
• develop an awareness of the use of space
• awareness of audience and sense of performance
• encourage a sense of self-expression
• encourage creative use of rhythm and movement
• promote self-confidence in the performance of a solo

Following is a list of some important points why Tap Dancing is considered one of the top dance styles to train in, recommended by many of the major Classical and Contemporary Stars of Tap Dancing. Here are a few reasons why FADCreationS support the proper and correct training of Tap Dancing:

1. Tap Dancing offers recreational fun for children and adults. Have you ever noticed how the stars of Tap Dancing seem to be at the top of the world while their Tapping away? It is a lot of fun!

2. Tap Dancing is healthy and will help you lose weight. Whether you are learning or performing Tap it takes concentration and energy and is an aerobic workout.

3. Tap Dancing can help you in other sports. From the first class you will learn to balance yourself on the balls of your feet and this challenges your sense of maintaining and regaining your balance.

4. Tap Dancing can help you make better music. To create and keep rhythm with your entire body is useful not only to dancers but to musicians and athletes too. Many boxers have been taking up Tap Dance lessons to assist in the co-ordination of their feet work and rhythm. Many Tap Dancers are also considered drummers/percussionists.

5. You also get the chance to dance and make music simultaneously. With most other dance forms you are dependent on some external source of music but with Tap Dancing this is not mandatory as auditory and visual elements are combined. Your feet convey the musical ideas in your mind.

6. The diverse History of Tap Dancing brings together a variety of important cultures. The roots of Tap Dancing are from Irish, African, English and Native American origin.

7. Tap Dancing is a foundational skill and will help you in learning many other dance forms. Think about the intricacy, precision and perfect timing of the foot work of a Tap Dancer. This ability not only allows for incredible communication between the brain, legs and feet but aid in easy comprehending other forms of dance.

8. Sometimes you can’t communicate with words what you are feeling and like any other form of dance so does Tap Dancing give you the means to express yourself with wonderful mystery and excitement and therefore alleviates stress.

So get out your Tap Shoes and take up some Tap Dance lessons! It’s time to tap your troubles away!





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