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Written by: Dr A Janse van Rensburg

Now that youíre sick!

If you have a splitting headache and your limbs feel as if they donít belong to you and you feel as if youíre not going to make it through the day, then maybe you have the dreaded flu. But donít be filled with too much dread because there is hope for your virus-filled existence!

In my previous article we discussed how to prevent this nasty virus, but if you did end up getting it, letís see what else you can do.

Step 1: The basic stepsÖwell actually, as few steps as possible
No dancing or any other exercise. Remember that the flu virus can infect your heart muscle and you can cause permanent damage if you exercise while still sick.

Women are more susceptible to this heart damage so girls, take a good rest! (Itís a great time to catch up on some reading!).

Step 2: Blow off some steam
Probably of the most underrated advice is to use steam inhalations to sooth irritated airways.

Boil a kettle, place the freshly boiled water in a cup, inhale the hot steam through your nose and exhale through your mouth. DONíT BURN! The hot steam soothes the airways and also kills viruses it comes into contact with. There is no need to add anything to the hot water. This works for colds and sinusitis as well and can be done 5 times a day or more.

Step 3: Drink a cup of tea

Not just any tea! The following recipe is a wonderful cocktail of natural antibiotics that will support your body to heal faster and the tea can be taken about 5 times a day.

1 cup of boiling water
1 teaspoon of thyme (fresh or dry)
1 teaspoon of raw natural honey
1 teaspoon of whole aniseed
Leave to draw for 5 minutes, strain the seeds and thyme and enjoy. (If you have the stomach for it you can drink the whole concoction as-is.)

This tea can be taken for colds, sinusitis and, of course, the flu.

STEP 4: Supplements

The same supplements I described in the previous article to prevent colds and flu can be used when youíre already ill:
1) Buffered Vitamin C
2) Olive leaf extract
3) Colostrum capsules

Supplements to sooth the pain:

1) Ginger capsules work really well and are a good substitute for chemical anti-inflammatory medications.

Check with your doctor if you can use any of these supplements.

Look after yourself and if you feel that your symptoms are getting worse, donít delay to visit your doctor!

Further information about Dr Anton and the treatment protocols mentioned in this article can be obtained from



The information contained in this article is not intended to replace the attention or advice of a physician or other health care professional. Anyone who wishes to embark on this dietary or supplement protocol should first consult a qualified health care professional.
Copyright © 2005 Dr A Janse van Rensburg


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