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Written by: rakSAfrica Magazine

My daughter returned home from holiday in SA and gave me a copy of your magazine. I have to say its absolutely fantastic! The graphics give a visual flavor of the orient and I love the colours - the photographs entice me to want to dance! Absolutely brilliant without a doubt! Keep up the good work. ~ Ada-Belle Wilson, England ~

I've been showing off your magazine around the world and people LOVE it - excellent comments on quality and content.It launched very very well and you should rightfully be proud! ~ Paola Blanton / Brazil ~

rakSAfrica magazine is the latest addition to the Southern African belly dancing scene; an independent magazine which aims to connect all belly dancing events and its people both here in South Africa and internationally. It is a quality quarterly publication whose subscribers range from professional dancers to dance students, belly dance fans, and anyone who wants to know more about this beautiful Oriental performing art. It's a magazine by dance enthusiasts for dance enthusiasts. It is a platform for all the information, issues, questions, concerns, events and all the exciting activities that make the South African belly dance world shine!

The line-up of features in this specialized publication captures the essence of the beauty of the dance, the flare of its seduction, and the flame of its exoticism. For millennia the dance has captured the mind of all who witness the mesmerizing moves. And now, in a sizzling edition of cutting edge belly dancing news and reviews, historic and cultural features, and useful health and wellness articles, rakSAfrica has smashed into SA like an oriental monsoon.

Our mission is to pay tribute to this beautiful Oriental art form and create a community of enthusiasts, one page at a time! ~ rakSAfrica team ~

There are fascinating cultural editorials, features on the Oriental dance festivals, South African & international competitions, performances as well as the latest fashions, hot trends, Oriental cuisine, food, restaurants and much more. The magazine has also stretched its legs a little and branched into resourceful information such as the health and psychological benefits of the dance, as well as cultural and literary information on the magazines featured country, and much, much more.

rakSAfrica magazine features regular columns like the lighter side of belly, my story, and "cooked and eaten at"; as well as regular travel, Oriental country, performer and artist profiles. rakSAfrica strives to bring the readers unique articles, accurate information and regular columns on dance, health, fitness, food and much more. rakSAfrica is not only a belly dance publication, but one about Oriental matter, women in society, major events, art, food, lifestyle, books and anything of interest to the South African female dancers.

Great excitement and finally I received my magazine (and DVD)....thanks so much! Both are beautiful and very very interesting... My sons girlfriend was here when I opened the mag... she is a reflexologist and there was an article on it in the first one!! She was so pleased and impressed! They saw me dance around the kitchen in excitement... I had been looking from the back page forward... till I came to the first page, wondering if my letter was in fact there...and there it was, my name in print! Wow! But not as wow as the mag and contents itself... it really promises to be worthwhile!
I liked the varied contents and the pictures of ordinary people dancing, it gives us ordinary people hope and encouragement that we too can be glamorous... and we dont have to be airbrushed and perfect like other magazines show women to be... and yet the whole magazine is glamorous and feminine! I read every word, cover to cover! This was just supposed to be a short note to say thanks for the magazine, but i got carried away... see what excitement it generates?
~ Reinette Nova ~

rakSAfrica Magazine appeals both to the readers craving for news about international as well as South African belly dance. The contents of the magazine have been broadly divided into two sections: an international and a South African one. Each consists of news, features, interviews and much more. Other sections include a readers feedback section, which provides readers with opportunities to interact and thus come closer to the magazine. Special features have also been produced for big events such as the Miss belly dance SA, dance festivals and other major SA and international events.

The magazine is so beautiful, with such interesting articles and pictures! Thank you for doing so much for Belly Dancing in SA! ~ Senta ~

I am picking through the magazine which is AWESOOME, a real achievement by you and an incredible flagship for the SA oriental dance community, well done entirely ~ Anonymous ~

Congratulations on your magazine, it's fantastic that you have added something more to the world of Belly Dancing and I look forward to your future issues. ~ Colleen Easton ~

rakSAfrica Magazine has a vibrant, energetic and dynamic director: Marina Ajsa Samia Rehbein, who not only has all the necessary skills, experiences and knowledge needed to lead a successful magazine, but also has so much passion for creating a belly dancing community in South Africa, that she has gone to a great extent of efforts and has overcome a number of obstacles to create this beautiful platform for all the belly dance enthusiast in SA.

Marina has been in the Oriental dancing business for over 17 years as an international performer, professional dancer, dance instructor and choreographer. She is the executive director of the Oriental Dance Theatre Palace of the Winds in Cape Town, and the coordinator & organizer of various events & performances such as the International Oriental Dance Festivals in South Africa. Marina is also an experienced & skilled professional medical nurse and hence she also uses belly dancing in a therapeutic manner, helping people to regain balance, litheness and movement after illness, injury or surgery as well as helping abused women to deal with the physical trauma of their abuse by finding a safe way to work through the pain of their experiences.

To read more about rakSAfrica magazine you can visit:


You are also welcome to call the office 021 418 0986 or 021 701 2993 or e-mail:



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